Goulds IC

  •  34 hydraulic sizes
  •  Flows up to 450 m3/h (1980 GPM)
  •  Heads up to160m (514 feet)
  •  Temperatures from -40°C to 280° C (-40°F to 530°F)
  •  Pressures up to 25 Bar (360 PSI)
Design Features
  • Full ISO 5199\EN 25199 Compliance
  • Patented Cyclone Seal Chamber for Extended Seal Life
  • Heavy Duty Bearing Frame, with Large Oil Sump Extends Bearing Life
  • Enclosed Impeller with Optional Wear Ring for Renewable Efficiency
Ease of Maintenance
  • Modular Design For Maximum Interchangeability Between All 18 Pump Sizes
  • Back Pull-Out Design Makes Maintenance Activities Safe and Simple
  • Complies With ISO 2858\EN 22858 For Retrofit Capability